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Fiddleheads ts.jpg

This was my very initial finished casting.  As you can see, it was in the first breath of Spring, when fiddleheads stretch up their heads with anticipation.  Apple blossoms are in bloom at the same time and the earth is alive with hope.

On the following pages, you will find examples of botanical plaster casting.  The sizes are given of the casting itself and not with the frame.  If you would like the actual dimensions, please send me an email  at

With the emergence of Spring, up pops the heads of sleeping flora.  One of the first to arrive are fiddleheads, which make a wonderful casting as well as a salad!  Here in Vermont, we are lucky to have a huge variety of ferns, which continue well into the Fall, some producing spike-like stalks full of spores which make for a deep impression and add a lot of texture.  Although the castings are seasonal, it's difficult to cast snow!  There are many interesting flowers, leaves and branches that change from season to season, and can sometimes be overlooked as shadows of their former selves, but can make such an impression, both physically and emotionally.

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